Analysis of Fulham's Player Transfer History Since 2003
Up to you Raheel...appreciate u getting the uploads working again!
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Was Kelly sold or a free?  If sold for a profit I would upgrade him to a 3.
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(15-01-2013, 08:30 PM)woody link Wrote:Was Kelly sold or a free?  If sold for a profit I would upgrade him to a 3.

We got 1.3 for him I think.  (Million that is...not one pound thirty).
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One correction Jonathan Jesus Greening, one of my favourite squad players ever, was a Roy signing even if on loan. He was then bought during the next july window...And I think he made more appearances.
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Papa should have some points.

Gera must be a 6 ????????
Bairdy, Bairdy, what's the score? :-)
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Was never a fan of either Greening or Papa. I remember Diop scored that one screamer and from that point forward he just tried to rip shots from 40 yards out. So frustrating.

The file is there to DL. Feel free to mark it up and share. Would be interested to see what everyone else thinks as my grades like everyone elses are obviously subjective
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I would have given Danny Murphy a kiss.
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McBride only a 3?
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Our average spend per player is between £1-2m so this is the rate of return of good players you might expect.  If you pay peanuts you get monkeys I am afraid.

You are a bit hard on your markings of Zamora and Johnson their goal per game ratio is as good as any Fulham player in the period.  You marking may be a it biased because of where they went.

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I gave Zamora a 3 which means he was a very good player for us. You saying he deserved a 6?

As for AJ, we paid over 10mil for him, he left on a free, and most of his goals were in the Europa league....0 in my book
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