Analysis of Fulham's Player Transfer History Since 2003
Updated the file today updating goals, appearances and some grades

For me, Coleman and Hodgson still at the top and Hughes and Jol are looking more and more like colossal disasters
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Hodgson really steadied the ship and then built us up after lawrie ( couldn't run a bath let alone a football side ) Sanchez nearly got us relegated. Now slowly we are getting weaker again! Last season by are standards was poor losing dembele, Dempsey & murphy and not replacing them was a risky tactic. Hope you have learnt From that Jol.... So far he hasn't as we still yet to replace them! An average squad age of 100, we need quality younger signings. We are an established premier league side! Tired of seeing lack of ambition when we should be improving, instead of just being a mid table side and see seeing that as an achievement.
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This is going to need an update again soon.
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Yep, was going to wait till the end of the transfer window
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You obviously do not rate Jol at all, your rating of most of his signings is ludicrous.

Khan must be told that not all mild mannered people are a super heroes.
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(30-08-2013, 05:46 PM)Bombastic Plastic link Wrote:You obviously do not rate Jol at all, your rating of most of his signings is ludicrous.

You obviously didn't read the comment I made on the Summary tab of the spreadsheet

"Roy Hodgson, Mark Hughes and Martin Jol's figures still have players whose "grades" are only preliminary based on career to-date performance. Potential to be revised in future"

I plan on making an update to this file after the transfer window closes in which I will also make some updates to player scores. But to be honest just quickly browsing through the list I don't see too much in terms of adjustments. Many of Jol's signings still haven't done much to impact the club
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File updated today to reflect all signings and statistics to date.

With Simon Davies departure that means there are no longer any current squad members from the Chris Coleman era.

Longest tenured (and only remaining from the Sanchez era) is Aaron Hughes

Hangeland, Stockdale, Duff and Senderos only remaining from Hodgson

Kaka only remaining from Hughes

Please provide comments if you have any
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I think we know what Mitroglou would get.
"If you can't stand the heat in the dressing room, get out of the kitchen." - Venables
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Yea I need to update this thing...
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I have an update ready for this thing but not sure how to attached files now...
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