Who is CC's 'Stephen Sharpe?'
A Blackpool fan has apologised to the club's owner Owen Oyston and chairman Karl Oyston after posting defamatory comments on an internet forum.

Stephen Sharpe withdrew the posts after accepting they were "false, defamatory and, in some cases, threatening".
He has also made a £5,000 donation to the Blackpool FC Community Trust.
The Oystons took legal action after they were unhappy with a number of serious comments about them and accusations about the club.

A statement on the Blackpool website  said: "Mr Sharpe now accepts that his posts were defamatory and involved an 'imputation of grossly disreputable conduct such as to harm the reputations of the Oystons and Blackpool Football Club in general and that of Owen Oyston in particular'."

"Mr Sharpe has unreservedly withdrawn his posts after accepting that they were 'false, defamatory and, in some cases, threatening' [and] 'sincerely and unreservedly' apologises."

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Recent events will help you narrow down the field.
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I'm not sure we have anyone who fits this bill.....

".Stephen Sharpe withdrew the posts after accepting they were "false, defamatory and, in some cases, threatening".

Disagreeing with how the club is being run is none of the above.

Once people start making unfounded accusations and threats now that is very different from anything posted on here.....
Opinion is the medium between knowledge and Ignorance
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I'm sure we'll have a whip round if Khan dusts off his lawyers to stripe one of us.
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There was a case about 8/9 years ago which defined what is 'defamatory' and not considered 'defamatory'; I think the Judge took the view that posts which are similar to 'pub conversations' were in essence not 'defamatory'; but again it's how the person reading the posts perceives the comments. Best not to offend.
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