Nfr - Strange how no media outlet seems to be calling this a terrorist attack
(06-12-2015, 03:04 PM)Slaphead in Qatar link Wrote: [quote author=martinsback link=topic=14337.msg160545#msg160545 date=1449406535]
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Leytonstone station - terrorist attack,another deranged foreigner going berserk with a knife.this is for Syria he shouts-cunt.

He was one of the good Muslims though so don't have a go at him.

I heard another of the platform witnesses on the radio shouting to him something like "you're not a muslim, you're not a muslim, bruv".  Expecting that to go viral.

The for and against Daesh all say that they are the "real" muslims and the problem for us is telling them apart.


Oh no. It's that bender  martinsback. Where did you crawl out of the woodwork from?

Hi Slaphead, how are you doing?
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(28-11-2015, 11:13 AM)Wayne Farris link Wrote: He's a religious terrorist. The sooner science definitively disproves our man made stories about sky gods the better.
The problem there is that science itself isn't definitively proved.
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You should not combined religions and the deeds of the men.
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