Moussa Dembele Failed Medical
I wonder if Dembele's agent had a hand?
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Or Vyle was thinking to drive the price down/wait until seasons end but there's little doubt MD2 and his agent were determined to trouser the maximum and fuck FFC.
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That's fucked me right off
Carpe Diem
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Ughhhh...... Angry
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(24-02-2017, 02:20 PM)TheCottageLoafer Wrote: Ughhhh...... Angry

If he failed a medical at Spurs then you cant blame Fulham so why wasn't this brought out before ?

If Fulham had decent PR then this should have been mentioned as to why we had to let him go for a mere pittance to Celtic in the end.
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I'd bet that was a Levy move to try and force down the price.

Begrudgingly, I would say that when it comes to cold, hard, business dealings in football, Levy is about as good as it gets.
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hes playing in a crap league, and while he scored goals for us, he looked out of his depth among packed defences or half decent centre backs,
clearly a good finisher and poacher who scores a heap from defensive errors. but anyone paying 40M is going to get a 12M-15M player, good luck to them if we win promotion we can get him on loan from them after they bench him after a series of lazy performances.
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Shame he did not sign for Spurs as we would have commentators saying it is Moussa Dembele to Moussa Dembele and the crowd would be chanting we have only two Moussa Dembeles.

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