Tim Ream takes penalty from Sess, misses it.
There was no pressure on him - the game was won and the whole team had missed penalties this season!

He already takes many corners and that at home in a tense match is a bigger pressure then a penalty at 3-1 to go 4-1. it's a brain explosion from whoever took the opportunity from him, a complete mystery.
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(11-03-2017, 06:35 PM)Realistic Wrote:
(11-03-2017, 06:13 PM)mtfulham Wrote: Yeah no doubt Sess would've also missed but given it was a dead rubber he should've been given the opportunity.....

I think BP is right. Joka did not want the 16 year old's name up in the headlights.
Or spotlight or headlines...
Part of the White Wall...
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