On your marks....
So, the Ice Mayden should be getting a vote through Parliament tomorrow for a General Election on June 8th.

Catweazle has been saying for months that he's ready for it, so Labour won't vote against it. With any luck, it will finish the Limp-Dumbs off (I would LOVE to see that gormless buffoon Farron lose his seat into the bargain), and there's the small matter of shutting that Scottish Turd (who can't grasp that you don't actually vote for a Prime Minister) up about TM having no mandate......oh, and not forgetting ensuring the instruction given on June 23rd to stop spunking masses of money away to, and being dictated to, by those tossers in Europe is carried out.

Bring it on !
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This thread has failed to attract enough interest. I withdraw.
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