Player ratings as Ryan Sessegnon and Denis Odoi goals send Fulham to Wembley
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Ream, as ever, was outstanding for me. Nuff said.
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At in of the player is followed for the improvement of the things for the audience. The turn of the player and best essays is marked for the humans. The rating is better defined if the output is good for the humans.
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More classic stuff from best essays...
Part of the White Wall...
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(22-04-2019, 04:41 PM)Mr B P Wrote: Rico was brilliant a match winning performance did not understand why the paper reports did not recognise that.  A few more performances like earlier and we would not be going down.

Old thread.
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(22-04-2019, 02:09 PM)Peabody Raver Wrote: More classic stuff from best essays...

Vital for the output of human shite.
"there is not a lot of difference between doing well and doing bad" (M Jol, 29-Nov-2013)
"sometimes great trees grow from small seeds" (Kit Symons 18 April 2015)
“Claudio is risk-free and ready-made for the Premier League.” (S Khan 14 Nov 2018)
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This is not a book club or historical society and nothing anybody say on this site is worth repeating.

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