The whites ( there, I said it) Vs Everton (in blue?) Predictions etc
We lose...
Part of the White Wall...
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2-0 defeat and yet people still call for Parker to be given a chance despite 1 shot on target.
I want to moonwalk son, but life’s a shithouse.
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Season needs to end already
I doubt I’ll even watch it with 6 games left

Next seasons a long way away

Regarding Parker I think we were just so relieved to get shot of Ranierri but I can’t see him being our manager next season
Still let’s see how our results go, only if one can be bothered to care.....
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We win 2-1 and look like a Premier League Team at last.
Saved by Khan since 2013
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A simply amazing 4-0 win for the whites.

Khan must be told that not all mild mannered people are a super heroes.
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