Cretinious , Patronising and Disrespectful...
to the fans......even the mentally-challenged ones...

The club either needs to leave a blank page on the program...or put in something less cringeworthy..
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They could just put a picture of a 'bumper' on the page; Khan senior would be pleased!!
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Talk about stating the bleeding obvious,cretin alright,thanks for helping to take us down.
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We defended well until we shipped three goals is all he is saying. So if we defend well against Everton for the whole game unlike we have all season we have a chance.

Irish talk I would suggest. Hope we have Irish luck.
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The clubs a farce now really under the present ownership. I was looking forward to next season but the more I think about it the more I just feel I've had enough. I may not bother renewing my membership which I know is not much of a gesture it being only £40 but I just can't be putting up with the volume of bullshit put out by the club. Khan's ownership just feels like a black cloud hanging over the club. I'm not buying into the crap that we should be grateful for his investment either. So his money keeps us in a perpetual circle of piss poor managent and laughable decisions. Why should I be very grateful for that??
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Elephant..... Room.....
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Seems like he is stating the obvious but what else can he say? He'd get slated if he bigged us up to much and he gets slated for sating the obvious. I'd much rather he stated the latter than tried to convince us we're not in the right place in the table. Either way, there's nothing going to come out of the club that makes anyone any happier until August...even then we're likely to be miffed as I can't see us keeping the better players and adding.
I want to moonwalk son, but life’s a shithouse.
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It’s the same waffle the club has produced for years. Don’t see how it’s disrespectful

I’m sure the club has a standard template for this dribble:
Paragraph 1: “Featured player says”. Ensure Complimentary of opposition
Paragraph 2: opposition recent results
Paragraph 3: quote from player. “It’s going to be tough “...but end with “we hope to influence”
Paragraph 4: last meeting between the teams
Paragraph 5: player even more complimentary
Paragraph 6: Areas of focus for Fulham
Paragraph 7: player quote about areas of focus
Paragraph 8: player quote about Fulham’s last match

Don’t let it bother you people are employed to create this nonsense so they’re not going to just stop because the team is performing so poorly
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If a player started slagging off his teammates or the management he would not make himself popular even if he was correct. He would move on. The same applies to managers if they start talking about having been undermined by the management they probably have already been sacked.

Any internal criticism of any business happens in house not in the public eye.
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If we lost 10 - 0, the Club would put a spin on it. That's what they do, spin it, I remember doing that in the play-ground, trying to come out with positives.
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