The signs of the huge problems
(22-04-2019, 06:41 AM)the time is now Wrote:
(22-04-2019, 01:08 AM)woody Wrote: There was just too much going on at once during jokas reign:

-  new centre backs  trying to play his split defence which takes time to master ( Ream also took a year before becoming very good at it at championship level ).
- new midfielders not used to the speed of the press in this division hence making errors and wayward passes putting undue pressure on the defence
- left backs and right backs still adjusting to the division and getting forward too much without adequate cover.  ( only really top 6 have wingers and fullbacks attacking together and even then they’re careful to pick their moments ).
- lack of premier league experience

The recruitment team also unfortunately quickly gained a reputation as people you could add ten million or twenty million  to a player value they’d pay it so all the talk of 100 million spent in the transfer window probably became a distraction and also meant we were no chance of getting target and possibly a few others.

Ironically we’ve given certain players the experience they need to go on to be good premier league players ( elsewhere ).

The Brighton away result was the killer, 2-0 away, accomplished goals and dominating a rival at their club, keep a clean sheet there and we would’ve got the confidence boost to be fine and develop as a team but two league 3 standard errors and never winning away again for 6 months tells a story ...

All things a decent manager would have been able to cope with.  Getting new players to fit in with your tactics and management style is down to the manager and should not take long.

Got to disagree. Look at the likes of Vardy who was played in a completely different system and was ineffective in comparison to his previous season. He's now back in his preferred system and playing well. In our own case Cairney isn't a poor player and he was completely ineffective in a new position alongside pretty much a new team, it does take a while and sometimes it will never happen.

Individuals aren't necessarily doing it to be difficult or because they're poor players but it does take a while to adapt to new systems, teams and along the wave length of your colleagues.

There was an interview with Michael Owen on BT Sport a few months back and he was going in depth about his career and injuries. He mentioned on numerous occasions about his thought process once certain players got the ball he would know what to do and where to go. New teams don't have that luxury.
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