Fulham Vs Cardiff city prediction thread
We win and they are VERY sore losers
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(23-04-2019, 12:59 PM)Peabody Raver Wrote: We win and they are VERY sore losers

I agree think we will hammer them about 4-0 as they have to attack and we will keep catching them on the break. They get at least 2 men sent off plus their odious manager.
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Hope our run doesn't end against these clowns. 2-0 Fulham and Colin to punch an official in the gonads.
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A scrappy 2-1 win to FFC. Warnock jumps in the Thames.
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With Brighton losing tonight, it will get a whole lot more interesting on Saturday
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3-1 Fulham
Warnock throws a wobbly

Gonnabe a cracker
Really Looking forward to it
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They will be very physical; can we match that with flare going forward. Morrison chap needs marking and bullying, I'm sure Mitro will do that, but would of loved to see AK do that.
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