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Indeed. The Big Six are ruining the rest of English football; the sooner they and the PL fuck off and play with themselves the better, the rest should take the short term financial hit and decline to take part in their competition.
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The £100m we spent on our team in the Summer would buy one possible two players for the top six but that was the most we have ever spent. What annoys me is the FIFA financial rules which were supposed to make it better for the small Clubs has had the opposite effect, because no team can spend like Man C did to get into the big time so the rich clubs get richer and richer and the rest fall further and further behind.
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The 100m is a myth; players are bought on terms; the same way you buy a TV, sofa or fridge.

100m looks better then 40m in the initial spending year.

Leeds were still paying for Mark Viduka after he retired. (I think)
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Journalistic popularism all opinion and little truth. As can be seen under a decent manager we got a very good value for the players we acquired.

Khan must be told that not all mild mannered people are a super heroes.
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