McDonald or Anguissa ?
In the championship ?
For me I’d like to see McDonald in that role again
He shows more desire and pitches in with a goal or two

Anguissa breaks up
Play well but doesn’t offer much
More then a back pass, he also can’t shoot for shit...
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Talented kid... but no bite or desire.... at best a longterm project for development... but we need ready-made players for that specific role in the Championship.
We will probably need to take a loss on him in the market in the close season.
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Play him alongside Mcdonald as no doubt we don't strengthen the defence in summer. Going ti be another range of unknowns and then one or two for positions we are already covered in.
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Anguissa's body language has been poor, last two matches, patches of 'good skill' then moments of madness. He gave the ball away yesterday; you could see that he was going to lose the ball before it happened. He looked 'deflated'. He needs to sort that out. The good bit was when he 'bundled' through towards goal, he looked determined.
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Persevere with Zambo and play KMac at RB/RCB
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(05-05-2019, 09:56 AM)Whiteforester Wrote: Persevere with Zambo and play KMac at RB/RCB

Zammbers has looked a lot more promising since Parker took over he is the now, Big Mac the back up.

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He was responsible for the goal, didn't track back or close down.
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Zammbers ?
Fuck me ive heard it all now
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Kmac is too old, too slow and not one for the future. If we got promoted we would need to replace him again.

Better to persevere with Zambo (if we can't get our money back on him).
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There is no doubt he has ability; but as soon as he puts in a couple of performances together; he returns to abject performances. The Wolves goal was so avoidable, even if he gave a 'foul' away, outside of the box.
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