Good news, we are looking for an experienced manager
The Wenger approach is a 'rouse'.
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Bring back Jocanovic
Part of the White Wall...
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(08-05-2019, 04:30 PM)Peabody Raver Wrote: Bring back Jocanovic

Yes a million percent, Khan Junior would have to step aside (maybe he could fix some hubcaps for pa). Best post of the month.  Big Grin
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you guys are living in the past its not gonna happen PLUS if he did get the job and get us up what are they gonna do sack him again ?

for me it has to be Parker a new young talented manager in the making, he is basically Slav mark 2

id take him all day long over some experienced has been donkey
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Slav mk 1 got FFC to two playoffs and got two teams promoted.

Talented Parker has done what??
Part of the White Wall...
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Restored 'some' credibility although after riskfreeRanieri perhaps that wasn't too difficult.
"there is not a lot of difference between doing well and doing bad" (M Jol, 29-Nov-2013)
"sometimes great trees grow from small seeds" (Kit Symons 18 April 2015)
“Claudio is risk-free and ready-made for the Premier League.” (S Khan 14 Nov 2018)
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Saved by Khan since 2013
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Good luck Scotty.
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