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The FST asked the club what lessons were to be taken away from last season’s disappointing campaign, particularly after what was spent in the summer transfer window.

AM said that the relegation suffered didn’t necessarily mean that there were lessons to be learned from the overall approach or that changes were now needed, albeit the season obviously did not go as they would have liked it to.
He added the aim for the coming season is promotion and nothing will change when it comes to the recruitment process. Transfer decisions will chiefly be in the hands of Tony Khan and Scott Parker.

The system works as it has done previously: players will be signed on the basis that they fit the necessary data and scouting requirements. It is then up to the manager if he wants the player and finally, it is about if that deal can be negotiated and financed.

The FST then expressed supporter concerns at how late business was done by the club in the recent past. AM responded that this was to do with the way the rest of the market works, when players are available (for example, many players are on holiday right now).

Loaning players in the same manner as they had done in the most recent promotion winning season was an option but it was reiterated to the FST that there was no strict strategy in place. The priority was getting the players in that Scott Parker and Tony Khan felt were needed.

...WTF has TK's feelings about what players are needed got to do with who we sign!! That must be left to Scotty et al to identify and then for TK to spin through his stats machine if it's not a specific player.
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As long as the khans are in charge that's what we're stuck with. It's the Khans way or the highway.Sucks.
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"Relegation doesn't necessarily mean there are lesson to be learned." I'm dumbfounded by that remark. Ali Mac's ability to survive regime change is Lord Varys level.
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(13-06-2019, 08:56 PM)Addison Wrote: "Relegation doesn't necessarily mean there are lesson to be learned."  I'm dumbfounded by that remark.  Ali Mac's ability to survive regime change is Lord Varys level.

The guy's an absolute muppet. He's paid by the Khans so will do whatever it takes to please them. No sane person can see that how we recruited last season was sensible.

Crocked and piss poor defenders.
Crocked midfielders in defender who was absolutely woeful.
An array of supposed 'talent' from overseas who have never played in the Premier League.
Mitro, easy decision after last season and best of all....Jokas idea!

And we went down, why? Recruitment was spot on and what, bad luck? Get out of it.
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No surprise here....

The 'Management/Staff' situation at the club is well known.

All the Senior staff... ie Ali Mac, Talbot and for that matter Parker... are incredibly well paid (think comparable Man City or Chelsea compensation levels) by a very benevolent owner.... and these people have ZERO intention of undermining in any way their positions at the club.

At least Ali Mac is being honest about the situation at FFC.
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I think that Ali Mac is like some sort of Lord Voldemort who exercises an evil influence over the whole Club. Seemingly being Cottage Corner contributors gives us some sort of immunity from his powers as we seem to be the only fans who ever criticise the way the Club is run.
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A total 'shambles', too many yes men; Joka was the 'no' man, who stood up and got the job done. Parkers last game of the season tells the story; we were on a mini run; then he was 'forced' to play the players who had their contracts extended. Joka would have refused; Parker conceded to the will of Khan Junior.
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Tony Khan is way too far up his own arse to recognise any flaws in his methods. Get ready for the influx of nobodies from various leagues around the world right at the last minute with phrases like 'this player passes all the criteria set by our tireless recruitment team and we look forward to "Mr Nobody" bringing us much success in the new campaign.
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