We need a CB, RB & DM. We got?
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If he didn't realize that Tottenham always leave stuff to the last minute then he's stupid. If he found out two weeks ago, then he should of simply said, you have a week to make your final bid or forget it.

You cannot criticize him for not taking risks with the FIFA rules the punishments are becoming seriously punitive.  His explanation of why we really do not need any more defenders is convincing.  A well reasoned explanation of what he has to do.

I know we have people who do not like the system we use but his explanation of how it works seem logical.

I've stated that there is nothing wrong with the defence we have; the end of last season demonstrated that. What we lack is depth, get 
a few injuries, then depth kicks in. Regardless of recruiting players; Khan should have known how Tottenham conduct their business; they try it on until the very last minute. Tottenham's conduct should have 'zero' impact on Fulham. That is how I see it. Everyone in football knows about their 'shenanigans'.

It is the FIFA financial rules that cause they weird situations we could not afford to buy anyone until we got the sess money. We had to wait for Spurs to get desperate enough to pay the money we wanted. That is the reason so many of our new player are loans not the purchases we wanted.  I not sure what else the transfer team could do.  It was Parker who said extra defenders was a low priority.

I am sure they expected to get some of the money back for our £40m pair.
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