No new defenders
Michael Hector deal fell through at the last minute, while he was at the training ground apparently.  Win or lose we'll be seeing lots of goals this season.


Reporter Dharmesh Sheth has been speaking on Sky Sports News about how Chelsea defender Michael Hector missed out on a move to Fulham because Tottenham's move for Ryan Sessegnon went too late in the day.

"Financial Fair Play restrictions meant signing Hector would have required Fulham to have sold Sessegnon, but there was a period in the afternoon where there was a stalemate in discussions with Fulham and Tottenham and at one point it looked like the deal might not go through.

"Tony Khan, the Fulham vice chairman, was even willing to let Sessegnon see out the rest of his contract and lose him for free next summer.

"Hector was wanted but that required Spurs’ deal to be concluded so the funds would be received. We were told this deal didn’t get finalised until after 3.30pm on Deadline Day, forcing the deal with Chelsea for Hector to be delayed, so Hector missed out on a move to Fulham.

"We understand that Hector might still join Fulham, but they will have to wait until January."
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Tony Khan has seriously messed up.
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(08-08-2019, 09:36 PM)The Stinkerman Wrote: Tony Khan has seriously messed up.

He may not have done.   Maybe Levy was trying to shaft him on the price (that would be a surprise).  So maybe he had to say no and play chicken al afternoon until Levy coughed up.

Yes, he missed out on Hector, but perhaps avoided being stuffed by Levy, who was probably offering a derisory sum.
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Instead we're left with a weak defence that will probably keep us in this division. No defence for us or Tony on this one I'm afraid.
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FFP rules were always a stumbling block and probably accounts for all the loans. The real problem to me lay in the fact we do not have an adequate recruitment/scouting network to find suitable players etc. For all the critisism the likes of Warnock/Cardiff and others get they know a bargain or a player who can be moulded into a solid player(defender in our case). Under TK and SK we work very differently. We pay big wages(which I assume eats into the monies accounted for within FFP) to keep the handful of good players we do have and then try to get by in other areas with loans and moneyball signings. It's a strange stategy and has its problems. It's the way we do things under the Khan's as they do not have the experience in the game to work to a more coherent plan. We'll see how things pan out with the defensive set up of the team but unless Parker can work the squad into a system that is very effective like the last time around in the championship I can only see it being a pretty up and down season. Let's just hope we don't get any serious injuries to the defenders we do have. Should be an interesting ride!
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We must not a get any significant injuries in our defence before the January window as what ever their ability we do not have many of them unless we have any young defenders who are talented enough provide cover.
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We have six first team defenders. That is a disaster waiting to happen.

Khan must be told that not all mild mannered people are a super heroes.
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(08-08-2019, 10:22 PM)Mr B P Wrote: We have six first team defenders. That is a disaster waiting to happen.
When they start getting injured Tony will realise what a fuck up he's made
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Hector must be pretty pissed off. Hopefully calmed down enough by January to sign then.
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Ps. I’m not defending the policy overall. Leaving it until the last day is always a risk. Especially knowing Levy would play a hard bargain.
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