COYW.....Court Case...UPDATE...

I actually had lunch with this guy and his friends before the last game of season....the battering by Newcastle.......he is a bit of a weirdo ...but a good laugh.........which I guess you have to be if you fly 22 hours/9,000 miles  once a month to support The Whites
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American films, even ones aimed at kids seem to use the F word as routine, What a Country of incredible contacts, the home of most fundamental branches of Christianity and the Worlds leader in production of porn films.

Khan must be told that not all mild mannered people are a super heroes.
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It probably helps when you're a law professor and engaging in this type of pointless litigation is just a bit of fun. Mind you the judges and court clerks who have to review and process this case are paid by tax dollars.
"there is hope, but not for us" - Kafka
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I have to say I was surprised when I first moved over here by how many Americans raised an eyebrow if I would ever said COYW. But since, I have got used to the fact that any mention of black or white over here stirs completely different emotions to what it would do in the UK. Over here, it seems that these issues are entrenched in the national psyche.
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