Mitro transfer investigated for money laundering

Newcastle’s transfer of Aleksandar Mitrovic probed by police as two arrested over suspected fraud and money-laundering

Police have arrested two people as part of an investigation into corruption and money-laundering in football transfers.

Prosecutors said seven raids took place on Tuesday and Wednesday with at least one property in London.

Other raids took place in Monaco and Belgium as the investigation continues.

Two people have been arrested, including one agent and his assistant.

The agent was arrested in Monaco, with his arrested held in the Liege area of Belgium.

The probe is looking into suspected money-laundering by agents and saw the Belgian FA headquarters and Anderlecht's offices searched this year.

The latest raids are linked to those searches in April but not related to the Belgian football corruption scandal of last year.

As many as 20 suspects have been charged over the so-called 'footballgate' scandal.

POLICE taking part in an investigation into suspected fraud surrounding Aleksandar Mitrovic's move to Newcastle have made two arrests after a series of raids across Europe.

Authorities in Belgium have been conducting far reaching inquiries into suspected money laundering related to transfers in the country since earlier this year.

Mitrovic's £13million transfer from Anderlecht to Newcastle four years ago has formed part of their investigation, which saw the Belgian FA headquarters searched in April.

And over the past 24 hours, police and tax officials raided properties in London, Monaco and Belgium - with the Mitrovic deal said to be central to the development.

An agent was detained in Monaco, along with his assistant who was held in the Belgian city of Liege.

A statement from the Belgian prosecutor's office said: "The facts involve notably money-laundering operations and private corruption in the context of football player transfers."

It has been reported in Belgium that this raid is separate to a larger investigation in Belgium which has seen 20 people - including agents and referees - charged since last October over fraud and match-fixing allegations.

The identity of the two people arrested this week has not yet been revealed by prosecutors.

Mitrovic, 24, is not thought to play any part in the investigation

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Thankfully Mitro is acquitted and nothing to do with it, these agents and the like need stricter regulating. Then again, I assume things have quietened down in Belgium since they were raided so famously a few years back.
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These scumbags just can't get enough money for nothing
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