Forrest, Leeds, West Brom
These look like our biggest opponents this year and Leeds lost at charlton ( similar to our shock Barnsley loss), Forrest couldn’t get a win at Blackburn and West Brom couldn’t score at Leeds and looked poor at the cottage apart from a fluke goal

Things are starting to look good for Fulham a lot of teams don’t be able to handle us at all and others will setup defensively limiting their own attacking chances the way West Brom did . Forrest were impressive at the cottage but not many teams will be able to do that in this division

We’re also on the box as often as every 3rd game with amor of early kickoff Saturday and Friday night fixtures so far we’ve held our nerve and won most of those which applies some pressure to the others around us

The team needs to score more variety of goals but the high number of goals from outside the box is likely a response to lacked defences in the box and at least we have that in the locker

Mitro should comfortably score 25+ this season, Bobby Reed has been prolific for Bristol city and can be used to run b behind defences and both wingers are capable of 12+ as does cairney.

Bryan now feels he belongs in a Fulham shirt and is putting in classy performances week in week out. He’s also very humble and admits when he’s made a mistake and works on his game which is a great attitude, and both centre backs settling into their work well

I sense a runaway top 2 may develop this season and think we should easily be one of them unless there’s injuries.
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Fucking Right.
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Charlton have looked pretty good also this year and I don’t think the Leeds result was too much of a fluke. Saturdays game isn't going to be particularly easy.

Whilst there have been some self inflicted errors we’ve looked comfortable for stretches in basically every game this season. If Bets doesn’t drop a cross and we don’t concede a stupid late goal at Sheffield Wednesday the narrative looks very different and we’re cruising. That Forest result could also have easily been different on another day. Saying that they are probably my main worry at the moment because they have taken a lot of points in away games to the top teams so will have a lot of the more winnable/easier fixtures left.

Regardless of any talk about other teams I still firmly believe we’ve got the best squad in this division and it’s very much there for the taking.
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As the Reading manger said they were beaten by Premier League quality players. Even before the sending off we looked a different class. Now we are being much more progressive in our tactics I cannot see any of the other Championship team being able to live with us if we play near our best.

Why oh why did Johansen not play last season his class and experience shines through. So many mistakes were made last season.

Gods and miracles only occur in fiction. 
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Arter needs another performance like Tuesdays against Charlton, snapping at their ankles and winning and cleaning up every ball
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