Bad coaching
End of......
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Yes. That was utter rubbish. Parker is on borrowed time.
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Oh mr Parker whatever shall we do I want to go to Workington but ended up at Crewe ..........Sorry Parker you been given ample opportunity.It hurts but your going nowhere.Fulham f.c.have been polite as possible about you and a career and the chance yes you deserve but leave it out scotty Parker you ain't gonna make it in Football management !
God grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change.
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It's 'over coaching', trying to micro manage performances to the 'eighth degree. The team lack 'spirit and enterprise', as they are not allowed to express themselves.
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Tru that Rebel
He’s like the generic version of Slav
BP’s gone quite again I see
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I am in New York difficult to communicate but that was dreadful our defence was lethargic and our attack was non existent. Even worse Kamara was tried and failed for the 347th time. Parker seems to dug himself into a deep hole. Our possession football relies on wearing down the opposition or drawing them out if than does not work it is a barren tactic and that was proved today. Parker must find plan B when we meet a team who does not fall for our tactics.

Gods and miracles only occur in fiction. 
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Get rid now before it’s too late. Parker doesn’t have the tactical ability or personality to be a leader in the dressing room. We still have a chance to turn this around.
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Two words....

Chris Hughton.
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(03-11-2019, 12:04 AM)Rufus Brevetts Tracksuit Wrote: Two words....

Chris Hughton.

Well worth waiting for stranger Big Grin ...

Fucking Right.
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