This bullshit argument that we have spent Premier Legue Money on our team
It has been used by so many opposition managers.   But have we really?

Bryan?   Rodak?   Cairney?   AK?    Ream?   Cav?   

Who have we actually spent any big money on?
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Mitro is the only guy you could argue should really be playing in the prem. Prem Money that plays regularly Mitro and Mawson and that’s literally it. Cav, Reid and Knockaert have Prem experiment but neither really set the division alight and there all loans. Some I’m sure are on pretty expansive wage packets for the championship but it’s hardly like we have a team full
of premier league stalwarts all on Prem money.
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MItro is such a great target man,if he could raise his fitness level he could be so much better.Dont get me wrong I’m not complaining.
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Miro is on a 100K a week
TC must be on 50
big money for the championship
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Just excuses from beaten managers. Yes, we have some very good championship players as a few of you have said but Mitro is the only player that would be a definite starter in a mid-table Prem team.
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TC,Cav and Mawson would easily make it in a average PL side.
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Swansea has had the opportunity to 'splash the cash', they haven't, their choice not to. There was a time when they did.
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Diddums. If a club has ambitions to go straight back up they're obliged to spend as much as sensible
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