The Thing I Am Most Impressed With
Against Birmingham, QPR and Derby we had to hold on to a lead and we managed that with the whole team acting as an impenetrable barrier.   That is the sign of a team where they all are determined to win. That of course included, clever fouls, cleverly disguised fake injuries and all the devises knowing teams bring to stop the opposition, slow the match down and to win a game.

We have become very match savvy which is not normally a Fulham trait but it will give us the best chance of promotion.

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For a few games we seem to have styarted moving the ball forwards a lot quicker as well which is getting us more shots on target and more goals. Last night was a little different as we played a better side who on numerous occasions had 11 men behind the ball before trying to push on and get it back.

Seeing out games still makes me nervous as we're prone to errors but recently we seem to have nulled them out so Parker and the team have to take credit. If you look at the side we started with last night there was little to suggest we'd have much defensive cover with no Reed, McDonald or Arter in the 11 (I include McDonald but I think if we were struck down by norovirus and he was the 11th player available he'd still be on the bench)

Johansen was absolutely excellent. Covered every single inch of the pitch and was still tracking back and making smart challenges until the very end.
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we were very penetrable against Swansea even after the substitutions
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(30-11-2019, 08:36 PM)Peabody Raver Wrote: we were very penetrable against Swansea even after the substitutions

....and we were so predictable and boring....
don't get me wrong it was great resultand I'm happy, but ....come on...mix it up a bit Scott Smile
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In any game he opposition tactics have to affect the quality of play but should not radically affect our tactics. When Swansea started attacking us in the second half we should not have stuck Mitro and AK on the halfway line and pumped the ball to them as that is not the Fulham way or the Parker way quite correctly.

Gods and miracles only occur in fiction. 
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