Rovers 0 Fulham 1 - We have been ROBBED!
Rovers long standing unbeaten home record came to and end on Saturday after goal machine Alexsander Mitrovic bagged the one and only goal of a tense defensive Rovers display.

Despite our lack of zing up front we did actually manage to bundle the ball home, only for the referee to scratch it off for "offside".  Replays since showing the goal being "onside" and legal.

However Rovers were left egg faced and took home nothing.  IN all fairness we were outplayed from the get go, Rovers playing for a point, Fulham playing for the win.

Onto the next one.

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So at least a Blackburn supporter analysed the match the way I did. I do not understand why so many of the so called Fulham supporters cannot see that.

Khan must be told that not all mild mannered people are a super heroes.
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