Kongolo.... Karma!!
Out for the rest of the season....

Given his behaviour viz Huddersfield.. karma for this piece of shit toerag....

People like this scumbag... give a bad reputation to professional footballers..
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I mean...we don't know exactly what happened at Huddersfield, do we? For all we know he could have been frozen out, the coach or style doesn't suit him or promises were made when he signed that haven't been met.

Let's not try setting a high standard for professional footballers, if he's done something wrong he certainly isn't the only one.

Regardless of what his relationship with Huddersfield is it negatively affects Fulham so I'm not overly happy at all and nor will you or anyone else with the same views be should Ream and Odoi be our back ups as Mawson hasn't kept himself fit for more than 2 weeks.
I want to moonwalk son, but life’s a shithouse.
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What he do their
Personally I’m not bothered as Ream & Hector play well together
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He will just go back to Huddersfield; there will be something in the loan agreement; we might have to pay something to cancel the agreement; but there will be all sort of conditions.
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