They Do Not Make Them Like That Anymore

One man who will likely be on the bench despite struggling lately is Bjorn Helge Riise.

[Image: shutterstock_editorial_8547225ab.jpg]
“Bjorn trained for the first time today [Wednesday],” Hodgson said. “He was seriously ill. He was ill the day before the game against Juventus in Torino and spent two and a half days in hospital being fed intravenously.
“He’s an iron man really, because to get out of the hospital yesterday morning and get treatment yesterday afternoon and then come in for training this morning, albeit a very light session, is very surprising.
“With our situation and shortage of players I’m sure he’ll be on the bench. In a better world, with more players at my disposal, we wouldn’t have chanced him on the bench.”

Khan must be told that not all mild mannered people are a super heroes.
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